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Websites of the Month: Community Schemes – “CSOS Connect” Services Going Live

If you are in a Community Scheme such as a Sectional Title development or a residential complex with a Homeowners Association (HOA), keep an eye on the “Shared Living” magazine from the CSOS (Community Schemes Ombud Service) on its Newsletter page. Most of the articles are clearly aimed at Bodies Corporate, HOAs and Managing Agents, but owners and tenants will also

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Website of the Month: Don’t Stress this Silly Season!

“You can tell a lot about a person by the way they handle three things: a rainy day, lost luggage and tangled Christmas tree lights.” (Maya Angelou) December holidays are a time for winding down, recharging your batteries and sharing some quality family time. But it can also be stressful. There’s a reason we often talk about the “Silly Season”.

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Website of the Month: Turn Customer Complaints into Compliments with the HEART System

No matter how good your product and your service levels, the hard reality in business is that customer issues will arise. Perhaps they will be genuine problems or perhaps they are just misperceptions, but either way you need to act quickly and effectively to resolve them. Particularly in these times of online reviews making or breaking reputations so quickly and

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Website of the Month: Four Key Areas in Your Strategic Planning

“Strategy is the art of carefully selecting where a business applies its focus and resources in order to achieve its ultimate aim. A large part of the work is in selecting what not to do rather than what’s to be added.” Strategic planning is an essential part of optimising your business for success. Without it you will drift rudderless, unfocused

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Website of the Month: Seven Steps to Becoming a Successful Landlord

“Landlords grow rich in their sleep” (John Stuart Mill) Earning passive income as a landlord is an attractive proposition which can generate substantial wealth, but before you rush into anything be sure to know exactly what you are doing. “From homeowner to landlord: how to make it work” on Tech4Law shares six important steps on ensuring that you get the most out

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Website of the Month: Solar Power and the Insurance Risk

With our loadshedding woes unlikely to go anywhere soon, more and more property owners are looking to solar power as an alternative to relying on Eskom. Just be careful that you don’t fall foul of your insurers in the process. “Rules homeowners should know before installing solar power” on MyBroadband lists four technical regulations to be particularly aware of. For some practical

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Website of the Month: Don’t Let Hybrid Work Break Your Company Culture!

As pandemic restrictions ease around the world, many businesses forced by lockdown to “go remote” are torn between returning to office and keeping everyone working remotely. An increasing number are opting for one or other hybrid model, which can come with major benefits but also major challenges. One of those challenges is the risk of losing a cohesive company culture

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Website of the Month: Are Your Passwords in the Green?

We all know how vital it is to use strong passwords online, but for a sobering look at just how quickly the “average” cybercriminal can hack any that aren’t up to scratch, go to Hive Systems’ article “Are your passwords in the Green?” here. Their “Time it takes a hacker to brute force your password in 2022” infographic provides a strong

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Website of the Month: 3 Things the Most Productive People Do Every Day

“Here’s how to expand your mind’s abilities to get more done” Boosting productivity is one of the fundamentals of success in both our personal and our professional lives. “Get more done in less time” is the perfect strategy for making the most of everything we do, but how to go about it in practice? Our challenge in the Online Age

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Your Website of the Month: The 9 Key Points of Making a Difficult Decision

“Avoiding a decision is itself a decision … probably the wrong one” Decisions, decisions – we spend our days making them, most of them minor but every now and then a really big, important one comes along. Perhaps it’s something like  “Should I resign my 9-to-5 and start up that artisanal bakery business I’ve always dreamed of?” or “Should we

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