Consumer Protection

Consumers rights protect buyers of goods and services against unfair trade practices, low quality or dangerous products, advertisements that deceive people and the abuse of monopoly power. This is achieved using both our written laws, such as the Consumer Protection Act, and our common law.

As consumer law practitioners, we have an in-depth understanding of consumer rights and actively assist our clients to enforce their rights against predatory and illegal business practices whether through mediation between the parties or the dispute resolution process.

To encourage consumer rights activism and fair business practices, we provide both our clients and our community with workshops, seminars and training on matters of consumer law.

We can assist with:

  • product liability claims
  • preparation and submission of complaints to Ombudsman and Consumer tribunal
  • mediation between consumer and supplier
  • contract review and advisory
  • dispute resolution between consumer, supplier, distributor and/or manufacturer
  • personal estate management and winding up of deceased estate;
  • wills and family trusts

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