Legal Documents

Depending on what our clients wish to achieve, we use our business skills and acumen in combination with our knowledge and understanding of the law to create a range of innovative legal documents to help our clients manage their personal and business affairs. The scope of legal documents that we create is vast but can best be categorised as:

  • business-to-business contracts
  • business to consumer contracts
  • employer and employee contracts
  • policy, governance, risk and procedure documents
  • internal company documents and memorandums
  • asset protection such as trademarks, copyright, merchandising and others

Where our clients intend to close a deal or sign contracts prepared by another party, we can assist by reviewing the terms of such contracts in detail and provide our opinion on matters ranging from (but not limited to) the commercial impact of such contracts on our client’s business, the legal and commercial risks assumed by our client and any other limitations on our client’s rights or the enforcement of such rights.