Retail Lawyers – Distribution, Supply & Retail

Retail in South Africa is a challenging industry faced with dynamic trends, consumer rights activism, supply chain controls, regulatory inertia and the rise of the connected consumer.

As retail law practitioners, we understand the retail challenge, keep our finger on the pulse of the latest laws and business trends in order to provide innovative solutions to enable our client manufacturers, producers, distributors and retailers to gain that all important competitive advantage.

We act for several industry leading producers, distributors and franchisors providing strategic business advice and innovative legal solutions to help them achieve their objectives.

We can assist with:

  • logistics and distribution
  • franchising
  • credit law
  • consumer rights advisory
  • business and credit risk advisory
  • business and commercial contracts
  • food law
  • liquor law
  • product recall advisory
  • marketing, sponsorship and endorsements
  • intellectual property protection and licencing;
  • property acquisition, disposal, leasing and management
  • employment

If you are in retail and/or the retail supply chain and could benefit from our experience and expertise, please click here.